Ahead of the wedding of the century, exclusive information about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s honeymoon revealed

After many days of waiting, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s super wedding finally is about to be held to the joy of fans.

After 2 years of dating, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will finally tie the knot today (March 31). The couple’s wedding will be held at the Aston House area of Sheraton Grand Waterhill Hotel, Gwangjin District, Seoul. In addition to information related to the “wedding of the century”, netizens are also particularly interested in the honeymoon and married life of the “Crash Landing on You” couple.

However, according to Star News, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will not go on their honeymoon right after the wedding. A source close to the couple said that the couple has not planned a honeymoon. The reason for this is unknown, but the two artists are said to spend their first weekend after getting married at their newlywed house in Guri, Gyeonggi Province.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin won’t be going on their honeymoon right away

The newlywed home of the “Crash Landing on You” couple is a lavish penthouse bought by Hyun Bin in early 2021. In addition to the luxurious interior, this penthouse is also designed to suit the actress’s taste, with lots of trees.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will spend their first weekend as husband and wife in their luxurious newlywed house

 Source: kbizoom

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