A male god like Hyun Bin didn’t expect there to be such a pathetic time in front of beauties

Actor Hyun Bin was once badly criticized when he appeared with an unfriendly hairstyle at an event in the past.

Recently, some old photos between Hyun Bin and Choi Ji Woo were suddenly dug up. According to observations, two people are present at a fashion event. You can see the actor Landing where he wears a vest with bright pants. He attracts attention with his romantic long hairstyle. However, the bangs are too long to cover part of Hyun Bin’s handsome face.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji Woo stands out in a luxurious long dress. She attracts attention thanks to her bright appearance and slim body. Netizens commented that Hyun Bin looked really pathetic in the same frame as “Korea’s Queen of Tears”. It seems that the guy has seriously lost points because of the unsightly hairstyle.

Actor Hyun Bin was born in 1982 and was dubbed the “Prince of Korea” thanks to his diverse acting and shaping abilities. Starting his career in 2003, until now, the actor is still a name mentioned in the entertainment industry. Hyun Bin is known to the audience through such films as “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, “Secret Garden”, “Death and Death Negotiation”, “Crash Landing on You”, “Transnational Agent”. … About his personal life, he married Son Ye Jin last March. In November of the same year, the couple welcomed their first son.

As for Choi Ji Woo, she is famous for works including “Beautiful Days”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Winter Sonata”, “Temptation”… In 2018, she got into the car. Hoa and CEO are 9 years younger. Choi Ji Woo gave birth to a little princess for her husband in 2020.

Source: Star

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