A look back at Son Ye-jin’s stunning photos as a young actress: Stunning look with a sexy body

These gorgeous moments of Son Ye Jin prove that her beauty is on another level.

Referring to the great Korean beauties, beside names like Song Hye Kyo, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, … fans surely have to include Son Ye Jin. The goddess born in 1982 is famous for her pure beauty, and even though she is in her 40s, Son Ye Jin still amazes fans with her timeless beauty.

Recently, a popular Chinese blogger shared a series of photos in her twenties of the beauty from “Crash Landing on You“. No wonder she’s called the beauty monument of Kbiz, Son Ye Jin takes fans from one surprise to another. Each photo depicts a close-up of her admirable natural beauty. With this beauty, no wonder Hyun Bin is so infatuated with her.

Chinese fans are crazy over Son Ye Jin’s perfect face when she just started her career


Big eyes, high nose bridge and small face help Son Ye Jin attract the camera from any angle


God has really shown favor when giving her such a perfect visual

Her elegant and graceful aura makes everyone attracted

In the close-up frames, Hyun Bin’s girlfriend captivates with her flawless visuals. In addition, the Chinese blogger also shared one more rare moment, flaunting her body with perfect curves.

Beside possessing such pure beauty…

…Son Ye Jin also has a full “combo visual” with a sexy body

The heartbreaking beauty of the “goddess”

It’s just crying, why does she have to be so beautiful?

Source: kbizoom


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