A female star caused a fever when she calmly asked to love Lee Min Ho and stole Hyun Bin from Son Ye Jin

The statement expressing affection for Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin of actress Kim Sung Ryung suddenly became hot again.

Born in 1967, Kim Sung Ryung was named an ageless beauty in showbiz in the land of kimchi. Once crowned Miss Korea in 1988, she surprised the public when she turned to acting and achieved countless successes with this new role. The works associated with Kim Sung Ryung must be mentioned such as The King’s Fury, The Heirs, the Flower King, and the Pointed Heel War.

In many films, she takes on the role of a mother and is considered very successful. Not to mention the fact that Kim Sung Ryung played the mother of the character Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) in The Heirs and the mother of King Jeongjo (played by Hyun Bin) in The King’s Wrath.

Not long ago, the actress’s sharing about the two co-stars was suddenly hot again. Specifically, at a show, Kim Sung Ryung talked about the male co-star that she feels is closest to her ideal type. Sung Ryung did not hesitate to choose both Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin.

This beautiful actress expressed, “I want to date Lee Min Ho and marry Hyun Bin. I want to give my love to Lee Min Ho but I want to be loved by Hyun Bin.” Through this, it can be seen that even though he is married, Kim Sung Ryung is also “in love” with handsome boys next to young girls. This has also once again confirmed the charismatic charm of two famous Korean showbiz men, Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin.

Currently, Kim Sung Ryung is still active in art at the age of 55. She and her rich husband Lee Ki Soo have been married for 26 years so far, but their love is still really passionate. The couple has two handsome and obedient sons.

Source: Saostar

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