7 female millionaires of Kbiz who also have a whopping amount of real-estate

Not only successful in their artistic endeavors, these Korean female stars also boast millions of revenue from real-estate.

1. IU

In June 2021, singer and actress IU caught eyes when she spent 13 billion won on a 240-square-meter luxury flat in Eterno Cheongdam, the high-class district of Seoul. According to Asiaone, the flat’s expected finish date is September this year.

While waiting for her new residence to finish, IU is currently living in Raemian Caelitus in Yongsan, worth around 2.6 to 3.3 million USD and famous for a view overlooking the Han River.

IU owns a luxury flat in Eterno Cheongdam. (Image: @dlwlrma, Eterno Cheongdam) 

In 2019, she sold the villa in Bangbaedong for 860 million won after she bought it in 2012 for 840 million won. IU also bought a commercial building for 4.6 billion won in Gwacheon and a house worth 2.2 billion won in Yangpyeong, all in Gyeonggi.

2. Bae Suzy

In 2016, singer and actress Suzy bought a whole luxury building in Samseong (Gangnam, Seoul) for 3.7 million USD. Four years later, as the street prospers, the value of the building goes up to around 6.5 million USD.

First erected in 2012, the building has 5 floors above ground level and two underground. While the third floor is reserved for shopping space, the first, second and fourth are used for studio spaces. Reports showed she bagged around 13.400 USD per month from rent. She was also said to have reduced the rent at the height of the COVID.

In 2020, she bought a four-bedroom, three-restroom and 440-square-meter-wide flat for herself. The flat is worth 2.7 million USD and took Suzy 1 week to clean.

Suzy house
SBS reported in 2020 that Suzy’s flat was in Nonhyeon, one of the priciest residential areas in Seoul. (Image: SBS) 

3. Song Hye Kyo

In August 2022, Korean media reported that Song Joong Ki’s villa in Itaewon has doubled in value to 20 billion won compared to the initial price in November 2016. The villa was known to be a wedding gift for the Song-Song couple but was abandoned after they divorced.

In 2021, Song Hye Kyo bought a luxury building in Hannam-dong for 19.5 billion won, with two underground levels and three above ground. It was said to be a long-term investment to prepare for her mother’s retirement.


Koreaboo also reported that Song Hye Kyo also owned three other real estate purchases in Samseong but were sold without clear reason. She also owned real estate in New York City worth 1.8 million USD but was sold in 2018.

4. Kim Tae Hee


In 2020, Kim Tae Hee drew attention by reducing her rent by half to help the renters overcome the initial phase of COVID. The building in Gangnam was bought for 13.2 billion won in 2014 and brought the actress a revenue of 7.1 billion won. She later sold it for 20.3 billion won in 2021.

On an episode of “Omniscient Interfering View” in 2021, the audience had the chance to see the three-floor villa of Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain. The house is worth 5 billion won and resides in Itaewon with a view over the Han River and Namsan River. The couple sold the place for 8.5 billion won.


Kim Tae Hee also bagged 6.37 million USD after she sold the building in Gangnam.

5. Lee Hyori


Another Kbiz celebrity who dropped rent for tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic was singer Lee Hyori. At the time, Lee Hyori was praised for her kind action and generosity.

It is known that Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon owned a building called Gramercy, at the share ratio of 69:31. Gramercy, which consists of 1 basement floor and 4 above ground storeys, is located between the Itaewon station and the Hangangjin station. It was purchased by Lee Hyori for 5.8 billion won in 2019, before being sold for 8.8 billion won in 2022.

6. Son Ye Jin


“Crash Landing On You” star Son Ye Jin can also be considered a “real estate guru”. In particular, the actress owns a commercial building in the high-end Sinsa area located in Gangnam, at the cost of 16 billion won. According to a real estate official, Son Ye Jin paid 4.4 billion in cash and got a mortgage of 11.6 billion won in order to put the building under her name.

Previously in 2015, Son Ye Jin purchased an old building in Seogyo (Mapo, Seoul) at the price of 9.35 billion won, before selling it at 13.5 billion won in February 2018.

7. Jun Ji Hyun

It is impossible to talk about Kbiz’s real estate billionaire without mentioning Jun Ji Hyun. The actress’ net worth is estimated to fall around 88.8 billion won, according to CNA Lifestyle.

Jun Ji Hyun’s most recent real estate property is a shopping mall in Deungchon, Gangseo, which was purchased for 50.5 billion won. Currently, the building is being leased to LG at 760 million won per month.

It is known that Jun Ji Hyun owns various other real estate in Incheon and Samseong, all of which she paid for in cash.

As a believer of long-term investments, Jun Ji Hyun sold a building in Gangnam after 14 years, earning a profit of 14.9 billion won. The actress purchased the building in 2008 with 8.6 billion won, and sold it for 23.5 billion won.

Source: kbizoom