4 gorgeous makeup and fashion layouts of K-drama actresses (ft. Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Ha Jin Won, and more)

K-dramas never fail to serve quite a visual feast through varied fashion and makeup layouts catered to each character.

Since K-dramas are filled with numerous female characters of various different personalities, it is also full of various clothing, hairstyles, and makeup layouts. Below are some commonly used styles that you can see in modern K-dramas.

Color explosion

In “One The Woman”, actress Honey Lee assumes the role of the strong-headed prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo. Here, alongside acting skills and visuals, Honey Lee’s wardrobe were what deeply impressed the audience.

To specify, the actress adorned different suits, all painted in bright colors like yellow, orange, red, and pink. There were little ornaments, as the dash of color is already empowering enough for her character.

Another example of “color explosion” fashion in K-drama would be Ha Ji Won in “Curtain Call”. Instead of going full-out with colors like Honey Lee, however, her more careful character gets the actress to wear milder shades like beige, pastel pink, and coral.

There is also an example of Shin Min Ah’s role in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, who tries to make up for her reserved personality by dressing in clothes that stand out. Despite being decked in various colors, decorated details, and eye-catching accessories, however, the actress is never less than gorgeous.

Elegant and feminine

In the recently-concluded K-drama “Love in Contract”, actress Park Min Young never failed to look high-fashion yet still sweet and feminine. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the actress is the “goddess of office attire”.

A similar style can be spotted with Son Ye Jin in “Thirty Nine”, who was always dressed in soft colors and formal styling. Despite not having many details, Son Ye Jin’s clothes are just enough to paint her in an elegant, sweet, yet still strong vibe.

Keep it basic

In “Now You Are Breaking Up”, Song Hye Kyo keeps it simple with a clothing palette of mostly black, white, and beige. She also wears casual clothes with minimal details, as if to blend in with normal working people.

Nevertheless, her timeless visuals and chic makeup layout make the actress truly stand out, and the occasional statement jewelry or watch held add to the look.

In “Big Mouth”, idol-actress Yoona also makes for a prime example of the simple style. As a nurse and wife of a lawyer, Yoona’s character dons comfortable and daily life items such as T-shirts, skirts, and jeans, and her makeup boasts a neutral tone.

Classical arts inspired

To help add a threatening vibe to Kim So Yeon’s character, Cheon Seo Jin in “Penthouse”, the stylist often dresses her in tops and dresses with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads, creating a rather regal and classing vibe.

Statement pieces such as large earrings, huge necklaces, and large belts are also added – all befitting of Cheon Seo Jin’s career as a classical singer.

Of course, when it comes to artful styling, there is no leaving out Seo Ye Ji, who played the female lead Lee Ra El in “Eve”. The actress’ wardrobe for this role is filled with exaggerated pieces, ranging from eye-catching necklaces, large hats, to eye-catching scarfs.

In a sense, Lee Ra El brought forth a fashion runway, and even while dressed in a more demure style, there’s always an element, such as the makeup, scarf, bag, or hairstyle, which paints her in an intimidating light.

Source: kbizoom

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