4 days after the super wedding with Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin made fans go crazy with this new move

Hyun Bin’s captivating visuals after becoming Son Ye Jin’s husband made everyone admire.


Although it has been 5 days since the wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, it is still a hot topic widely discussed by netizens. On April 4th, the groom Hyun Bin made his first move after officially becoming a husband.

On Instagram, Hyun Bin‘s management company posted a behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot for Dazed magazine. Particularly, in the video, Huyn Bin unbuttoned his shirt to show his firm chest, making netizens feverish. When he was single, he was already handsome. Now that he has become a husband, his charm is on another level. Hyun Bin indeed knows how to steal fans’ hearts!

Hyun Bin’s perfect face.

The moment the actor unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his firm chest, making the fangirls scream.

Hyun Bin’s charm became even more powerful after he got married.

The black and white footage further enhances Hyun Bin’s excellent facial features, from the high and straight nose bridge to the sharp jawline.

This is just the behind-the-scenes but Hyun Bin is this perfect.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s super wedding is to be discussed for a long time.

Source: Kbizoom

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